3 Professions That Investors Can Learn a Thing or Two From

Whether you’re a successful investor or entirely new to the world of stocks, you can never learn enough about how the market works. Here, we’ll be looking at three types of professionals that may not necessarily work in the world of financial economics but that can still teach even the best investors a lesson or two.


With the World Cup now long gone, we can reflect on the many skills that footballers must possess in order to be successful. We don’t just mean one footballer either, but an entire team that works together to win against all the odds. Arguably the most obvious lesson we can learn is that surprises do indeed happen, and no matter what the odds may be there’s always the chance that the underdog will rise.

Our favourite take from footballers and football teams though, is that defending is critically important. Sure, the goal scorers may be the most noticed and celebrated, but it is the defenders and goalkeeper who keep the team safe. The importance of defending can also be applied to investing, as those who leave their slow and steady stocks to chase the hottest stocks are proven to be less successful in the long run. Defend your stable stock and you’ll avoid missing out or taking a hit.

Professional Gamblers

There are a lot of similarities between investing and gambling. For one, both are based upon the ideas of risk and reward, as without investing or gambling there can be no hope of receiving any returns at all, and yet you could lose everything in an instant. This is why professional gamblers don’t just risk everything without a lot of quick, concise thought and a weigh up of all probabilities. Perhaps the biggest lesson investors can learn from gamblers though, is to avoid betting on something simply because you are emotionally attached to it.

For instance, many sports bettors begin by supporting a team they love. Over time though, they learn it’s best to look at odds objectively, though, doing away with team loyalties in most cases. So, an experienced live betting gambler who supports Liverpool FC may look at an online sportsbook and see that their team has worse odds than their opponents. Instead of simply going for the team they want to win, they’ll go with the team that is more likely to grant them a greater reward. Investors must learn to do this as well, by removing any attachments to companies or stocks they’ve previously been sentimental over.


Around the world, the prevailing view of investors is that they sit in their metaphorical towers watching over the stocks that will best benefit them, ignoring entirely the people who work to create those stocks. This is completely different to activists, who are always on the ground communicating with and fighting for the individual either in their local community or in an organisation.

To really understand how a stock will be impacted, investors should do the same as activists: get involved. Try visiting the company you are interested in and speaking to staff to see whether they like the company they work for. By doing this you’ll also be able to see the faces of those who make up a company, and so you’ll know what affects them and thus the stocks.

The market is always evolving, adapting and thriving, and so investors should always make the effort to do the same. Footballers, gamblers and activists are just some of the professions you can explore in order to learn new lessons, but we’re sure there are plenty of other pointers you can gain from almost every profession on Earth.