24/7 Medical Call Answering & Virtual Appointments Enable Healthcare Providers to See More Patients

To help healthcare professionals provide accessible patient care, WELLReceived is offering 100 minutes of medical call answering, including in-person or virtual appointment booking, free of charge for two months, the company said.

When healthcare professionals are unavailable, WELLReceived´s team of live medical receptionists will handle their calls. In addition to following custom call scripts, online medical receptionists will take HIPAA-compliant messages, answer webchats, and offer patients a choice of booking in-practice or virtual consultations.

WELLReceived aims to help medical practices drastically reduce missed appointments by facilitating efficient online consultations. Patients join video appointments from where they are comfortable; ideal for recurring visits and remote monitoring.

WELLReceived covers medical practices after hours, during weekends, or at all times. The user decides when they want their virtual medical receptionists to assist. Patients are not kept waiting on hold and can book or reschedule appointments far in advance. Additionally, WELLReceived offers automated appointment reminders via email or SMS, as well as outbound call outs from receptionists to patients.

As receptionists are mass-distributed across the US, WELLReceived offers a more resilient and adaptable service than a fixed location call center. This enables healthcare teams to limit their office hours or stay at home entirely, while patients continue to hear a professional, compassionate voice over phone and chat.

WELLReceived has increased its capacity to help medical providers remain available at all times. Further to these services, the new WELLReceived mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app gives each user the ability to connect with their team, their live medical receptionists, and their patients – all from one place, anywhere.

For more information on WELLReceived´s services, visit: https://wellreceived.com.