1Up Repairs opens new iPhone repair store in Texas

1Up Repairs, Austin, Texas cell phone, computer, and video game console repair shop, has opened a new store in San Marcos, Texas, the company said.

Located within walking distance of the Texas State University campus at 212 University Dr., 1Up Repairs offers a fast and affordable repair service.

1Up Repairs is known for its quick service, with experienced technicians able to repair a cracked or broken iPhone screen in under 30 minutes. Other popular repairs include iPhone battery repairs for older phones that can no longer hold a charge, iPad screen repairs, and Android phone and tablet repairs, including repairs on the popular Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. In addition, the technicians at 1Up Repairs work on computers (both PC and Mac) and Xbox and PlayStation video game consoles.

1Up Repairs is Austin´s top-rated iPhone repair store. In addition to iPhone repairs, experienced technicians also work on iPads, Android phones and tablets (including Samsung Galaxy), as well as Mac and PC computers and video game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation.