10-digit dialing in 937 area code starts Feb. 8

Windstream local telephone customers in the 937 area code will need to use the area code in addition to the 7-digit telephone number (area code + telephone number) when placing local calls starting Feb. 8, the company said.

The move to 10-digit dialing is due to the recently approved 326 area code that will cover the same geographic area as the 937 area code.

The change became necessary to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers for the area.

Some automatically dialed calls, such as life-safety systems, alarm and security systems and call forwarding settings, may require reprogramming to include the new dialing procedure. PBX equipment also may need to be reprogrammed.

The switch to 10-digit dialing will not affect the cost of local phone calls. A call that is local today will be a local call after the dialing change.

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