'Discover The World' partners with TAAG-Angola Airlines

TAAG-Angola Airlines, Angola´s national carrier, has recently launched a new partnership with Discover the World for sales and marketing representation in France, Germany and Russia, the company said.

Discover the World provides global travel distribution, with a portfolio of more than 90 clients utilizing its sales, marketing and business process outsourcing services.

TAAG-Angola Airlines is based at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola. TAAG operates domestic services within Angola as well as regional and international services to destinations in Africa, South America and Europe.

The carrier is wholly owned by the Angolan government, and Emirates signed a 10-year concessional agreement with Angola´s government to manage TAAG. Emirates now works closely with the carrier and Angola´s government to provide management support, devise fleet and network strategies and develop synergies between the carrier´s networks.